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It is about time that I add a new journal entry. This time it is in response to a piece that Stregian made for me. The piece is named Geo's Ice Tigress which can be seen here. This is actually a character that I am planning to write about in a series of short stories. In the following paragraphs I will go into more detail on her and her abilities. Expect some updates to this entry as I am still developing the character concept.

Here is more detail on Katlyn/Lady Tigress:

Katlyn/Lady Tigress is based on a white tiger, so she will be covered in white fur with black stripes, have icy blue tiger eyes, and either icy blue streaks or highlights in her platinum blonde hair. So that is her primary form. She is actually a member of a race called Tigris (it was going to be the Tigra but that name is already a Marvel Comics character), the name of the race needs work.

Well Lady Tigress also uses a device similar to a disguise charm when she goes out in public to make her appear more human. The end result is that she appears to be a normal human girl aside from the tiger eyes, the slight fangs among her human teeth, and the tiger ears. In this form she could blend right in at an anime convention.

Now there is another form that she takes when she is incredible angry. Take the concept of your demonic werewolf  except base that upon a White Bengal Tiger, which in real-life already weighs 310-400 pounds for a female tiger. Now make that beast able to stand, extremely intelligent, and driven by primal fury, you have Lady Tigress in primal mode.

Shape shifting isn't her only ability though. She also has a Tracking sense, Danger sense, and also she has the Sense of Perception. The Sense of Perception allows her to mentally project her self into different places, to see and hear what is happening. In this mode she is unable to possess objects, rather she can just see and hear things. Another ability is a concept that a writer of fan-fiction came up with. It is called the Alpha Gaze. It is kind of a psychic ability that makes a weaker mind completely submissive to the abilities user. If the mind is a stronger one, it makes the person doubt themselves and hesitate for a moment. Handy if you are pitted  against a super-genius villain that is just about to fire that ray gun at you.

She is also an active telepath. Katlyn has to be able to see the individual in order to read or project thoughts. There is an exception to that though. She is able to contact people she is familiar with from no matter where she is. So this would be like her mother or father (who are humans but mutants by the way), or her closest friends. As you can see, I have given thought to the character, but I just need to get started writing the story. Expect more to follow soon. And I would appreciate any ideas and criticisms that any of you have to offer. Good (insert period of day)!
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